Project 487 Super Snake

Welcome to Pacific Thunder and the 1967 Shelby GT 500 Pro-touring Beast "Thunder"



 Spring 2013 PROJECT 487 SUPER SNAKE!

Thunder Just got meaner with the planned addition of a deadly aluminum block 487 Cubic Inch Monster FE under the hood. Watch for images and updates!


Some recent new pictures

Thunder's first newspaper picture! Thunder's First Photoshoot
Recent Videos
It my hope that eventually this car will end up being  a high quality finished product, nice enough to participate in cruise events and car shows. Look for us there, and take the opportunity to get more information about Muscular Dystrophy or even donate a small amount of money to Muscular Dystrophy Canada

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A sunset in the early winter is perfect for a photo shoot in the brand new paint! December Photoshoot
The week is finally here when Thunder gets it's final coat of paint! Final Paint on the 67 Shelby
Many countless hours were spent getting the stance right! Getting the Shelby Stance Perfect
The customized interior of the 67 Shelby Special custom 1967 Shelby interior
All the hidden wiring, stealthy Electronics and power systems for the Shelby Wiring and Electronics for the 67 Shelby
The reassembly of the 67 Pro Touring Tribute Shelby Shelby Pro Touring Reassembly
Wheels, Tires, Suspension and fitment on the pro touring tribute car Fitting wheels and tires on the 67 Shelby
The Engine in the 67 Shelby went through several incarnations, parts failures and problems The 428 Lemans Engine
First Paint On the 67 Shelby Chassis First paint on the Shelby
There were months and months of work making the fiberglass perfect   Fiberglass work on the 67 Shelby
Two Years of bodywork started here Bodywork on the 1967 Shelby
Disassembly, welding and metal replacement Welding and Metal Work
The original 1967Mustang, when I purchased it Original 1967 Mustang


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Spring 2013
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